The Center for Empowerment and Care of the Elderly (Ehsan) of the Ministry of Social Development and Family has wrapped up the Hikma (Wisdom) programme.
Held in collaboration with the Excellence Center for Training and Consulting (ECTC) of the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies under the theme of young people are extension of adults, the event kicked off last April.
The second phase of the programme brought together young people and elders through which concepts of securing the incubators of elders' abilities in the Qatari community were discussed, in addition to establishing a communication channel between a variety of generations and leveraging the cutting-edge technology for effective communications.
In his remarks before the closing ceremony, Executive Director of Ehsan, Fahad bin Mohamed Al Khayarin, said Ehsan strived to invest in all opportunities and resources available to share expert, knowledge, and science between young people and elderly, as well as concepts that primarily promote the role of elderly people in the hearts of young people and highlight their role in the corporate society.
Al Khayarin lauded Hikma programme as it will potentially open co-operation prospects and promising programs that serve the targeted segments to achieve maximum benefits in bringing together young people with elderly and capitalize on their long practical expertise and experiences in addition to sharing skills and creating a knowledge channel among various generations in recognition of the contributions of elderly in social, economic, and cultural development.
The participation of nearly 400 trainees from inside and outside Qatar in combining the expertise of young people and elderly and achieving high level of exchange between the participating parties underscore the tremendous success of the program which evidently constitutes a critical component in commensurate with Qatar National Vision 2030, he pointed out.
Executive Director of ECTC, Dr. Ahmed Al Mawry, said ECTC has been wielding the banner of societal partnership concerning development and investment in human energies of their various segments, ages and qualifications in recognition of all roles performed in the development of the community and preservation of its cohesion.
Training officer at ECTC, Mona Babati, said Hikma programme will participate in Expo 2023 Doha where opportunities will be opened for elderly to present their expertise through the meetings that are due to be held during the event.
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