The Permanent Committee for Seaports Management at the Ministry of Interior, in co-operation with the Police Officers Institute, started yesterday a week-long training course on the methods of monitoring, inspection and security awareness in seaports.

Twenty-four officers working in the committee's departments will participate in the workshop, in which the Kuwaiti expert in maritime arbitration, Abdul Amir al-Faraj, will lecture, along with participants from various departments of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) and some other agencies in the country, and two trainees from Oman.

Chairman of the Permanent Committee for Seaports Management Brigadier General Dr Abdulhadi Mohamed Zabin al-Dosari said that course comes within the framework of the committee's endeavour to raise the efficiency of port workers, through organising training courses, in line with work needs, to contribute to the capacity development of the workers, raising the scientific and practical level, and developing awareness among participants in this field.

The course addresses topics and axes related to the work procedures of seaports and inspection mechanisms, which contribute to the development of ports, including assessing security risks and threats, identifying weak points, control and access authorisation, mechanisms of providing security services, identifying and reporting violations, verifying documents, and a host of other related topics. (QNA)
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