Tunisian Foreign Minister Nabil Ammar affirmed that his country will not accept "the hidden resettlement of irregular migrants," expressing Tunisia's condemnation of what he described as political or media exploitation of the suffering of victims of irregular migration to serve political agendas.
In a speech to the annual general debate of the United Nations General Assembly today, Tunisian Foreign Minister Nabil Ammar said that the phenomenon of illegal immigration has worsened in the region due to the weak levels of development in many countries of the African continent, the prolonged duration of conflicts, and the effects of climate change.
He stressed the need to adopt a comprehensive approach to addressing illegal immigration that focuses on addressing the root causes, not just the consequences. He also stressed the need for all parties, from countries of origin, transit, and destination, as well as regional and international organizations, to assume their responsibilities in this regard.
Ammar also pointed to the need to complete the path of the "Development and Migration Conference" hosted by the Italian capital Rome in July 2022, on an initiative of Tunisia and Italy. (QNA)
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