The European Commission announced today an urgent aid package for Tunisia worth 127 million Euros to support efforts to combat illegal immigration.
The Commission said in a statement that 60 million Euros in aid will be directed to support the state budget, while 67 million Euros will be directed to financing a program in the field of immigration, explaining that these amounts will be disbursed successively within days.
A delegation from the commission will visit Tunisia next week to discuss the implementation of the memorandum of understanding, indicating that the program to implement the memorandum will combine the planned aid with new assistance, within the framework of a new program to support immigration, with a budget of 105 million Euros.
The new migration support program will also include the renewal of ships, means of transport and other search and rescue equipment for the Tunisian Coast Guard and Navy and the protection of migrants in Tunisia, in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. (QNA)
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