Apple announced the launch of the iPhone 15 with new features, which limits battery charging after charging ratio reaches 80%.
That feature differs from the (optimized battery charging) feature already found in the already-released iPhones, and it intelligently delays charging after the charging ratio reaches 80%. Afterwards, charging resumes based on the user's daily charging system, while when the new 80% limit is activated, the battery charging ratio will not exceed the 80% barrier, and the iPhone will not charge after reaching that point.
This new feature is available in all new iPhone 15s, both core and Pro versions, yet it is not known whether it can be made available in older versions of iPhones via upcoming system updates.
That feature works when iPhone 15 users go to settings, choose the 'battery' option, then choose (battery health and charging), then choose (charging optimization). iPhone owners will find themselves in front of three different options: improved battery charging, an "80% limit" or nothing.
Through the (improved battery charging) and (80% limit) options, Apple is aiming to extend battery life in iPhones, by reducing the number of times the full battery is charged. In general, it is not recommended to fully charge lithium batteries in smartphones up to 100%, in order to avoid overcharging that negatively affects the life span of those batteries.
Notably, all iPhone 15s have the same battery life in previous iPhone 14s.
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