The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, in collaboration with the Qatar Foundation for Social Work, held an introductory meeting for several Ministry employees to introduce them to the services offered by the Foundation and its affiliated centres.
The meeting aimed to strengthen cooperation, in addition to introducing the Foundation’s mission and goals and the services provided by its affiliated centres, a statement said.
During the meeting, senior officials from the Foundation and representatives of its affiliated centres gave a presentation to showcase the various aspects of their mission and the support they provide in the fields of family stability, caring for orphans and the elderly, protecting children and women, empowering the youth, and rehabilitating people who suffer from various behavioural disorders. They also presented the different services provided by the affiliated centres to the wider society.
The meeting emphasised the nature of work, the projects implemented and the services provided to the social categories benefiting from the affiliated centres. It also highlighted the role of the foundation and its contributions to the development of society, while raising awareness about the importance of supporting the social categories involved in achieving sustainable social and human development.
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