Season three of 'The Negotiators' podcast from Doha Debates explores how resolution depends on a careful process of give-and-take between expert negotiators, usually behind closed doors.
The podcast launched yesterday, invites listeners inside the room where a pivotal negotiation has taken place to hear a gripping play-by-play directly from one of its key players. The podcast is collaboration between Qatar Foundation’s Doha Debates and global affairs publication Foreign Policy.
Hosted by Foreign Policy deputy editor, Jenn Williams, former senior foreign editor at Vox, ‘The Negotiators’ features mediators, diplomats and troubleshooters describing how they navigated high-stakes conflicts, including political crises, strikes, gang violence and hostage situations.
The third season begins with the 25th anniversary of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, which effectively ended the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Tony Blair’s chief negotiator Jonathan Powell describes how this historic event unfolded.
Other episodes in season three of The Negotiators include:
A behind-the-scenes look at the 1992 Watts Truce with Aqeela Sherills, who drew on the 1949 armistice agreement between Egypt and Israel (which ended the Arab-Israeli war) to broker a peace agreement between rival gangs in the aftermath of the Los Angeles riots.
Secretary General for the Global Centre for Pluralism Meredith Preston McGhie describing how Kofi Annan helped to end the 2008 Kenyan election crisis and avert a civil war.
An interview with Cindy Parlow Cone, head of the US Soccer Federation, who talks about securing an historic equal pay deal for the US women’s national team in 2022.
Amjad Atallah, managing director of Doha Debates, said: "We’re thrilled to bring The Negotiators back for its third season and to spotlight the master problem-solvers behind some of the world’s most critical negotiations.”
Dan Ephron, executive editor for podcasts at Foreign Policy, added: “The episodes on this podcast cover a range of topics, from high diplomacy to hostage ordeals to talks between rival gangs trying to bring peace to their neighbourhood.”
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