HE ambassador Dr Mutlaq bin Majed al-Qahtani has asserted that good endeavours, mediation and dispute settlement through peaceful means represent a strategic option and core pillar of Qatar’s foreign policy.
In an interview with Qatar News Agency (QNA), HE Dr al-Qahtani said Qatar gives top priority to the principle of consolidating international peace and security in its foreign policy, which is one of most important and fundamental principles of the UN Charter, through encouraging the pacific settlement of regional and international disputes; stressing that this principle is derived from the directives and vision of the wise leadership of Qatar, and is based on the permanent constitution of Qatar, its history, culture and the true Islamic religion.
Qatar’s wise leadership, represented by His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, has powerful desire and consolidated belief in the importance of moving forward to pursue mediation approach and exert good endeavours to bolster regional and international peace and security and consolidate Qatar’s status globally, he added.
HE Dr al-Qahtani pointed out that Qatar has gained an accumulative expertise spanning over more than a quarter-century in mediation and good endeavours which conspicuously consolidated its regional and global reputation and stature as a fair and independent mediator to achieve peace and security in the region and worldwide.
He emphasised that Qatar — through its experience and expertise — gained the confidence of the international community and remained welcomed and acceptable mediator by virtue of the approach Qatar pursues in mediation which is consistent with the provisions of the international law, in addition to its adherence to principles of transparency, credibility, impartiality, observing cultural sensitivity of parties to the conflict, respecting religion, customs and traditions, as well as maintaining confidentiality of negotiations and commitment to high professionality during engagement with a variety of concerned parties.
Qatar has no hidden political agenda and does not seek publicity when undertaking its role as mediator to settle disputes, as such efforts stem from its keenness to build peace, stability, and development both in the region and worldwide, HE Dr al-Qahtani added. Qatar exists in a region that witnesses many conflicts and tensions and has a consolidated belief in the significance of taking mediation role to settle disputes and exert good endeavours to resolve differences to avoid conflict, along with its consequential human, economic and development costs, he noted.
HE Dr al-Qahtani pointed out that Qatar does not impose itself as mediator in conflict resolution or addressing any regional or international crisis without parties to the conflicts consent to engage in mediation, because such a matter is related to nations sovereignty, he said, adding that Qatar does not invite itself to interfere without approval of parties to the conflict.
He touched on several crises that have been resolved through Qatari mediation, whether at the level of nations or political entities and groups, as well as the current efforts in some regional and international files. (QNA)
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