If there are activities that characterise Qatar and are projected globally, they are the events that are held with the aim of benefiting the entire international community, such as the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, when the world was brought together to enjoy a sport meeting of global friendship.
These meetings that Qatar offers to the world have an admirable continuity over time, with the sole purpose of offering benefits and promoting the development of all countries since they share common objectives.
Qatar frequently hosts international exhibitions in Doha, which are organised in different areas of development and culture.
One of the upcoming international exhibitions is Expo 2023 Doha, which will take place between October 2, 2023 and March 28, 2024. The theme of the expo is “Green Desert, Better Environment,” and it aims to raise awareness of the importance of preserving our environment through innovations and technologies.
The International Horticultural Exhibition Expo 2023 Doha Qatar will be the first international horticultural exhibition to be held in the Middle East and North Africa region. Some 88 countries and international organisations have confirmed their attendance, and they will participate with pavilions that showcase their designs and advances in research and innovation.
Heads of Governments, representatives of international organisations, ministers of state, various personalities committed to safeguarding a better world with changes and representatives of the private sector will also attend.
We are confident that this event will offer the opportunity to promote diplomatic and business meetings, as well as an attractive hub for the arrival of a large number of tourists, among other benefits.
We will surely see, given the theme of the Expo, interesting examples of the innovations that can be applied to combine sand deserts with a diverse flora and make them a place for new life, within the concept of sustainability, understood as the solution to improve life without harming the environment.
Expo 2023 Doha will also raise awareness and educate visitors about climate change and the need for a more sustainable lifestyle, and will feature educational programmes, cultural events, and interactive exhibits to engage visitors about the importance of sustainability.
It is worth mentioning, Horticulture is a field that has developed significantly in the 20th century, with the introduction of new methods of cultivation, such as hydroponics and aquaponics. These methods allow for more efficient use of water and nutrients, and they can be used to grow crops in harsh environments.
We know that these transformative systems can control factors such as water distribution, cultivation periods, product quality, and the use of fertilisers.
As for the facilities of Al Bidda Park, where the Qatar Expo 2023 international exhibition will be held, they have already been completed in a very successful way and with the modernity that characterises the projects undertaken by Qatar.
Without a doubt, Expo 2023 Doha is sure to be a success, and it will leave many beneficial lessons and the advances that the whole world needs. It will be a showcase for innovative solutions to environmental challenges and help to promote sustainable development.
I believe that in the near future, we can see deserts transformed into green landscapes.
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