In the opulent embrace of the Waldorf Astoria Lusail Doha, Highmore unfurls like a secret gastronomic haven, beckoning diners to partake in a culinary reverie that transcends the ordinary. It was under these enchanting auspices that I embarked on a pre-birthday celebration with a close friend, an experience that unveiled a symphony of flavours and a feast for the senses.
As we were seated amidst the understated elegance of Highmore, the attentive staff made us feel like esteemed guests in a private residence. The ambiance was inviting, with warm lighting and plush furnishings that exuded modern luxury with a touch of classic charm. It set the stage for a culinary sojourn that promised to be nothing short of extraordinary.
Our gastronomic voyage commenced with a duo of appetizers that served as a prelude to the crescendo of flavours that awaited. The garlic bread, a seemingly simple offering, revealed itself as an artistic creation. Melted garlic, swirled with chives, adorned a canvas of freshly baked bread. Each bite was an ode to the harmonious marriage of simplicity and excellence. The garlic sang its fragrant song, while the chives added a delicate herbaceous note.
The jalapeño poppers, tantalisingly stuffed with cheddar, provided a spicy kick that awakened our palates. The creamy, molten cheese oozed from within, a counterpoint to the fiery allure of the jalapeños. This playful interplay of flavours was nothing short of exhilarating.
As our appetizers bid adieu, the main courses swept in, and with them, a flurry of anticipation. The Spicy Polpeta Pizza, adorned with succulent meatballs, mozzarella, tomato sauce, and a sprinkling of oregano, was a masterpiece in every sense. The pizza crust, a perfect blend of crispy and chewy, served as a canvas for the harmonious intermixing of flavours. The meatballs, tender and brimming with savoury delight, nestled against the velvety embrace of mozzarella, creating a symphony of taste that lingered on the palate.
As my friend went for the Montreal Sub Burger, which was a carnivore's dream; it showcased a towering creation of Angus steak, beef pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, and Gruyere cheese. Each bite was an epicurean journey, as the Angus steak, perfectly cooked to retain its juiciness, harmonised with the robust flavors of beef pepperoni. The mushrooms and Gruyere added depth to the ensemble, transforming a mere burger into a culinary legend. My choice: the SRB (Short Rib Burger), a veritable masterpiece of culinary innovation, that featured succulent short rib meat, tender and flavourful. Nestled within a brioche bun, it was a carnivorous delight of unparalleled proportions. The flavors and textures in this burger was nothing short of alchemical, a testament to the culinary prowess of Highmore's chefs.
As we savoured each bite, our celebration took on a new dimension. It was not just a pre-birthday revelry; it was a journey into the heart of culinary artistry. The staff, who anticipated our every need, ensured that our evening flowed seamlessly, adding an air of sophistication to our celebration.
We concluded our feast with a decadent flourish, savoring a Deep Fried Mars Bar paired with velvety Vanilla Ice Cream. The crispy, golden exterior of the Mars Bar concealed a molten core of caramel and nougat, a dessert that transcended the boundaries of indulgence.A single candle flickered atop our dessert, its soft glow casting a warm ambience around us. With a shared smile, my friend and I made a silent wish to the gentle flame, a heartfelt expression of gratitude for the extraordinary evening we had experienced. It was a moment of magic, where culinary excellence merged with the enchantment of a wish, a perfect ending to an unforgettable night at Highmore.
Highmore at Waldorf Astoria Lusail Doha is not just a restaurant; it is a destination where gastronomy transforms into an experience, and where every dish is a canvas painted with the finest ingredients and the utmost passion. It is a gastronomic gem and it beckons all who seek an extraordinary dining experience.As the evening reached its crescendo of culinary delights at Highmore, there remained one final note to strike, a sweet and indulgent coda to our gastronomic symphony.
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