Qatar, which is committed to the sustainable development of cleaner energy resources, has crossed another major milestone with Qatargas being renamed ‘QatarEnergy LNG’, emphasising a future vision for the country’s liquefied natural gas industry.
With a new name and logo, QatarEnergy LNG has reiterated its commitment to safety, environmental protection, flawless project delivery and the reliability and efficiency of its production facilities.
QatarEnergy is already the world leader in LNG, which is a cleaner, more flexible and reliable source of energy and an integral partner in the global energy transition.
For QatarEnergy, energy transition means building a better and brighter future by helping meet today’s energy needs, while safeguarding the country’s environment and natural resources for generations to come, bound by the highest standards of sustainable human, socio-economic and environmental development.
While announcing the renaming of Qatargas as QatarEnergy LNG, HE the Minister of State for Energy Affairs Saad bin Sherida al-Kaabi, who is also the President and CEO of QatarEnergy, highlighted the importance of this transformation as part of a historic evolution that is reshaping Qatar’s energy industry, particularly through the flagship LNG sector.
Minister al-Kaabi also hailed the leading role Qatargas has played over the past four decades and said, “Over the course of 39 years, Qatargas has been a pioneer of the LNG industry helping place the State of Qatar firmly on the global LNG map and enhancing its leading position as a safe, reliable and trustworthy LNG supplier.
“Today, QatarEnergy LNG carries this legacy forward well into the 21st century helping meet the world’s growing energy demand, placing LNG at the centre of a realistic energy transition, and playing a critical role in safeguarding energy security and eliminating energy poverty.”
Al-Kaabi noted that while Qatar recognised the tremendous value that the Qatargas brand accumulated over time, the country believes that this evolution will further strengthen Qatar’s global position by creating and leveraging a stronger salient link to the QatarEnergy brand to deliver even more value to the State of Qatar, its customers and the broader stakeholders’ ecosystem.
In this context, he noted, “We are reaffirming our belief in the future of LNG as a primary source of energy for decades to come and placing greater emphasis on the central position LNG occupies in our strategic priorities, development efforts, and energy investments.”
Al-Kaabi said, “We are very proud of Qatargas, its people and its legacy and achievements over the past 39 years and we look forward to a new era under the new name and brand that will herald new achievements and greater gains for the LNG industry and for our stakeholders across the globe.”
Established in 1984 as Qatargas, QatarEnergy LNG is a unique global energy operator in terms of size, service and reliability.
It currently operates some 14 LNG production trains and is at the centre of QatarEnergy’s efforts to raise Qatar’s LNG production capacity to 126mn tonnes per year through an additional six LNG trains being set up as part of the multi-billion dollar North Field Expansion.
The ongoing North Field expansion is the largest LNG development in global history and will generate substantial revenues for Qatar and hugely contribute to the country’s GDP.
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