Ooredoo has announced that it is the first operator in the world to deploy 50GPON connectivity, the 50Gbps-capable fibre-based access connection for consumers.
50GPON is an innovative technology, officially adopted as the evolution standard after 10GPON by the ITU standardisation body, that enables super-fast connectivity of up to 50Gbps on a single connection, providing an unprecedented network experience to users across Qatar via Ooredoo’s fibre network.
The new technology enables consumers to use high-bandwidth latency-sensitive applications such as 8k-interactive video applications, online collaboration and coordination solutions, 3D cloud design, and high-graphic/high-quality AI applications, among others.
Ooredoo Qatar CEO Sheikh Ali bin Jabor al-Thani said, “We’re proud to be the first operator globally capable of deploying such powerful technology, which aligns perfectly with our overarching aim of upgrading our customers’ worlds. We have long had a strategic commitment to partnering with global leaders in technology and innovation, enabling us to leverage both our expertise and experience and our partners’ capabilities.
“This latest launch is an excellent example of the benefits we, and our customers, enjoy as a result of such partnerships. We look forward to further enhancing our offering as technology develops ever further in the years to come.”
Ooredoo’s 50GPON technology can meet the bandwidth requirements of both consumers and enterprises. Initial deployment will be for B2B customers and areas that require high-speed connectivity with roll-out to consumers for 8k content and AR/VR gaming, as an example, to follow.