The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) Wednesday held its Organisational Excellence Forum with the participation of the Civil Services and Government Development Bureau.
The aim was to share knowledge and experiences on ways to achieve organisational excellence.
The forum was attended by top corporate development experts in Qatar, the region and the world. Bureau president Abdulaziz bin Nasser al-Khalifa and Ashghal president Dr engineer Saad bin Ahmad al-Muhannadi opened the forum in the presence of senior managers, planning and corporate development officials from various government entities along with representatives of consultants, contractors and a group of Ashghal leaders.
During the forum, Ashghal, represented by manager of the Planning and Quality Department engineer Jamal Sharida al-Kaabi, received the 5-Star Certificate of Excellence from European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) chief executive officer Russell Longmuir for Ashghal’s compliance with the standards of the improved EFQM excellence model.
“The Qatar Government Excellence Programme is the main pillar for promoting excellence at the governmental level, as it was reinforced by the Amiri Resolution No. 63 of 2023 to establish the Qatar Government Excellence Award. This programme aims to achieve leading sustainable governmental excellence in line with national standards,” al-Khalifa said.
He added the award strives to develop governmental services that are adapted to the needs of the Qatari community through a flexible government sector, while maintaining the performance quality, innovation management and transformation to smart services.
Russell Longmuir said when excellence is an integral part of the corporate culture, it becomes the leading force behind every work, decision, and interaction. “We, in EFQM have witnessed this in Ashghal, where all the departments were evaluated, and continuous organisational development was monitored as a culture and work standard in the Authority, and the role of this development in the improvement of life quality to the public in general,” he said.
He pointed out that the EFQM model is the practical tool to help institutions reach excellence, by determining the level of maturity and understanding gaps, and then launching the appropriate solutions for development and improvement.
The forum included a panel discussion that elaborated on various aspects of achieving sustainable success. It had Hassan al-Ibrahim, Director of Government Development Affairs at the Civil and Government Service Bureau along with Mohammed al-Amri, Organisational Excellence Manager at the Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones in addition to Engineer Jamal from Ashghal. Presentations were given by John Sanei on ‘Redefining Organisational behavior to Guarantee Success into the Uncertain Future’ and Gus Takali on ‘Inspiring a Commitment to Excellence in Every Role and Every Endeavour’.
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