Ola Abdin, senior career development specialist at Qatar Career Development Centre (QCDC), founded by Qatar Foundation has noted that the influence of parents is a crucial factor in shaping their children's career decisions.
Abdin called on parents to provide successful role models that their children can look up to, thereby affecting their future academic and career decisions. “Parental awareness about diverse professions, the future job market trends in the country, and its economic effects play a significant and positive role in shaping their children's aspirations,” she noted.
The expert advised the parents on maintaining open and respectful communication with their children, allowing them the space to express themselves and not constraining their opinions. She also highlighted the ongoing efforts to increase opportunities for females in various fields and to create a system that promotes women's work in diverse specialties and domains.
Abdin explained: “The influence of parents on their children's choice of a specific career path often outweighs other environmental or external factors combined, superseded only by the role of friends and peers. As studies have emphasised the substantial influence of friends in career decision-making, the pivotal role of parents still holds true when it comes to their children's professional choices. This influence is exerted through various means, with leading by example being one of the most effective.”
Accoring to Abdin the influence of parents extends to supporting professional aspirations and positively affecting their children's choices.”This guidance includes presenting available opportunities, providing insights into the job market, fields of study, universities, and more. Parents' awareness of careers, the future job market, and their economic implications significantly and positively shape their children's aspirations,” she continued.
The official noted that awareness and career guidance services can play a role in enlightening parents and helping them understand the potential and capabilities of their daughters, encouraging them to embrace various fields.
Abdin highlighted that QCDC offers a wide range of programmes for career consultations, training and development, job alignment, aptitude tests, or career matching. “These programmes benefit parents, children, and Qatar at large by attracting exceptional talents to specific professions. We're witnessing remarkable interest in the centres offerings. Among these programmes are immersive job experiences like the "Little Employee" and the "My Career- My Future" programme,” she added.
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