A search for three people is underway after a fire engine was swept away by a typhoon-triggered flood in east China's Fujian Province.
Chinese News Agency (Xinhua) reported that a fire engine carrying nine people was swept away in Chili Village, Yongtai County, by floodwaters during a rescue operation, according to the Chinese National Fire and Rescue Administration. So far, six people have been rescued, while there are ongoing searches for the missing three.
Typhoon Haikui, the 11th typhoon of this year, landed in the coastal area of Dongshan County of Fujian on Tuesday morning, bringing gales of up to 20 meters per second near its center, the Fujian Meteorological Observatory said.
Fuzhou has been hit by heavy rainfall due to Haikui. The 24-hour rainfall in areas including Yongtai exceeded 300 mm.
Earlier, Fujian Province upgraded its typhoon emergency response to Level II, the second-highest level.
Haikui is expected to move westward at 10 to 15 km per hour and gradually weaken, according to the Guangdong Meteorological Observatory.
Additionally, 515 trains in Guangdong and 23 sea passenger routes east of Huizhou had been suspended due to flood and typhoon prevention. Classes had also been suspended in the cities of Shantou and Chaozhou.
On Aug. 30, the Chinese authorities announced the death of four people and the loss of 48 others, as a result of heavy rains that swept through Jinyang County in Sichuan's Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, southwest China. (QNA)
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