A total of six projects have been selected for the 2023 WISE (World Innovation Summit for Education ) Awards, it was announced Monday. The winning projects are: Tekwill in Every School, Moldovan Association of ICT Companies -Moldova; International Common Assessment of Numeracy (ICAN); PAL Network – Kenya; NaTakallam: Connecting Refugees & Language Learners Worldwide - Natakallam – USA; Ahlan Simsim - IRC in partnership with Sesame Workshop - USA & Jordan; Nature-Based Education Networks - OpEPA – Colombia and Catalysing ECE at Scale - Rocket Learning – India.
There were 12 projects in contention for this year’s WISE Awards. WISE, the global education initiative of Qatar Foundation, announcing the winners of the awards noted on its website: “Six projects from five different countries have been selected as winners for their innovative approach to pressing education issues and positive social impact. This year, 404 projects applied or were nominated for the WISE Awards.”
Stavros N Yiannouka, CEO of WISE said: "In a world where education is the cornerstone of progress, the WISE Awards not only celebrates innovation but also the spirit of unity, resilience, and determination. Each winner this year exemplifies the transformative power of education, bridging gaps and fostering inclusivity. As we navigate the complexities of our global landscape, these initiatives light the way, proving that with innovation and dedication, we can shape a brighter, more equitable future for all.”
Tekwill in Every School (TiES) is one of the largest educational programmes in Moldova to offer Moldovan students equal educational opportunities driven by IT sector market needs. In just three years, TiES succeeded to develop eight courses that can be studied in both Romanian and Russian languages.
Another winner, the PAL Network has responded to the need for a comparable, low-cost assessment that meets Global South realities by developing a new assessment tool – ICAN – and making it available in the public domain.
NaTakallam leverages technology to solve the challenge of millions of highly educated displaced persons and their host communities with no access to income. Refugees work as tutors, cultural exchange instructors, and translators, providing customers with high-quality language services and building intercultural bridges.
Combining the IRC’s expertise in communities affected by crisis with the proven impact of Sesame Workshop’s educational media, Ahlan Simsim is a life-changing initiative that provides children in conflict-affected regions the support they need to learn, grow, and thrive. Ahlan Simsim combines and integrates educational media resources, including the award-winning Ahlan Simsim TV show, with sustainable and locally owned programme models delivered by the IRC and local civil society and government partners.
Next winner, Nature-based School Networks focuses on consolidating a learning community with citizenship skills that promote harmonising the people and nature relationship, allowing them to become planetary stewards and ensuring social well-being. It also favours the positioning of students and teachers as multipliers of good practices and ethical behavior to face environmental and social challenges.
Finally, Rocket Learning builds early childhood and foundational learning at scale by connecting the government system, teachers/anganwadi workers and parents, and driving community change by systemically leveraging technology, media, and social incentives. Through their solution, they empower teachers/ anganwadi workers and parents as agents of change to deliver high-quality learning to 1mn children across 70,000 classrooms in 7 Indian states.
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