No discounts will be available for fines incurred due to mobile phone usage while driving, a senior official at the General Directorate of Traffic told Qatar Radio Monday.
Capt Mohamed Rabia al-Kuwari, Officer of the Violations Department at the General Traffic Department, explained that using a mobile phone while driving will entail a fine of QR500.
“About 50 to 60% of traffic accidents happen due to using mobile phones and not wearing seatbelts while driving," he pointed out.
Meanwhile, a 50% discount will be applicable on the penalty for not using seatbelt, if settled within 30 days of the violation being registered, as is the case with some other traffic violations, the official said.
Capt al-Kuwari said the new unified radar system, launched on Sunday, can catch three violations at the same time -- not wearing a seat belt, using a mobile phone and speeding.
Motorists have the right to challenge the violation through Metrash 2 or on MoI website and the response will be conveyed within a week via Metrash 2. The violation is reviewed by those in charge of the unified radar system.
Officials have earlier clarified that physical interaction with visual devices including mounted mobile phones and dashboard monitors while driving will be a violation and come under the purview of the penalty. Article No. 55 of the Traffic Law mandates a motor vehicle driver to refrain from using mobile phones or other devices in any way that requires the use of hands for carrying or operation while driving and not to watch any visual material on the vehicle's television while driving.
Images of motorists not wearing a seatbelt and using mobile phones while driving will be available on the Metrash 2 app. The new unified radars will clearly capture the two violations. According to him, the radars will differentiate between the seat belt and the cloth even if they are of the same colour. It’s possible to lighten or darken the image and extract a very clear image that the violator can view.
The authorities have urged all road users to comply with the traffic law and its executive regulations to preserve lives and property, and contribute to the great efforts made by the various authorities, stressing that traffic safety is a joint responsibility of the society too.
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