Qatar Foundation ( QF) is inviting talented artists and performers to share their unique voices and stories at the D’reesha Performing Arts Festival 2023 and those interested can register until October 15.
This year’s festival – which takes place from December 1-5 at Oxygen Park and Al Khater House in Qatar Foundation’s Education City - will showcase how culture connects nations and people, endures across generations, and unites humanity, through immersive performances, captivating costumes, and shared culinary experiences.
Illustrating the richness of cultural diversity through art, literature, music and fashion, D’reesha performances will take place in both English and Arabic, and can be performed individually or as part of a wider group. Since its first edition in 2021, D’reesha has become an annual highlight in Qatar’s cultural and community calendar, with around 15,000 people attending last year’s festival.
“At this year’s inclusive celebration of cultural diversity and the performing arts on the D’reesha stage – where traditions, customs, and stories converge to celebrate the continuation of culture we are excited to invite local creatives to be part of an extraordinary journey,” said Hend al-Thawadi, engagement and activation lead, QF.
“D’reesha is a diverse platform where local creative talent is placed in the spotlight, and we hope artists from across Qatar will take the opportunity to be part of this festival as it weaves the threads of our different cultures into a tapestry of unity and creativity."
At D’reesha – whose name means ‘window’ – the interconnectivity of cultures, and how the traditions, customs, and practices of one culture can intertwine with those of another, are celebrated through the diverse medium of performing arts. As a platform for artistic expression and cultural exchange, it is designed to engage aspiring artists and those with a love of creativity.
The variety of shows and activities at D’reesha will feature something for people of all ages, from performances and storytelling sessions to social spaces, digital and audio activations, and elements that illustrate how discoveries and knowledge that emerged from the Arab world have influenced and connected with other cultures and societies around the globe.
Its 2023 edition will include activations held in collaboration with university and school students from across Qatar, with the aim of empowering children and young people to express themselves through arts and creativity. The festival will also collaborate with key cultural organisations and individuals in Qatar, including Qatar National Library, Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, and Dana Alfardan.