Female employees of Qatar Charity’s office in the Gaza Strip congratulated Dr Nasma al-Ghoula for her achievement of a doctoral degree and awarded her a commemorative shield.
Yousef al-Khulaifi, general supervisor of the 'Rofaqa' initiative, said, “On behalf of Qatar Charity, we congratulate Dr Nasma al-Ghoula for obtaining her doctorate as the first visually impaired woman in the Gaza Strip to receive this academic degree. We consider this achievement a source of pride for the ‘Rofaqa’ Initiative, which provided care and support by sponsoring this talented woman with disabilities, and this is one of the blessed outcomes of the initiative.”
Mohammed Abu Haloub, director of Qatar Charity's office in the Gaza Strip, highlighted the significant role that Qatar Charity plays in Palestine in caring for the vulnerable such as orphans, people with disabilities, and needy families. He noted that Qatar Charity sponsors more than 15,000 persons, meeting their various needs.
He emphasised that Dr al-Ghoula is one of the success stories of the Palestine office, serving as a practical application of Qatar Charity's contribution towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations, which include ensuring equitable and quality education for all, promoting lifelong learning opportunities for everyone, and fighting poverty.
On achieving her dream, Dr al-Ghoula expressed deep gratitude and immense appreciation to her generous sponsors and Qatar Charity. She said, "Since my childhood, you have never hesitated to extend a helping hand. She noted that Qatar and its people made a distinctive impact on her life by extending financial and moral support to her. She aspires to become a lecturer in future and increase her participation in conferences and publish various research papers addressing disability-related issues.