The President of the Community College of Qatar (CCQ) Dr. Khalid Mohamed Al Horr revealed that the CCQ intends to upgrade its educational plans and academic programs to meet the needs of labour market and respond to students' career and academic ambitions.
During the annual orientation meeting for members of the teaching and administrative staff "Fall Meeting 2023", Al Horr said CCQ will embark on strengthening excellence and innovation in teaching, research and promoting self-skills during the upcoming period, as well as ensure the quality of academic programs through approving many of them academically.
He outlined that CCQ also aims to upgrade a framework to create new academic programs that constantly meet the needs of labour market, in addition to equipping labouratories and ensuring their modernization in accordance with the state-of-the-art technological trends pursued in bolstering the educational process.
The CCQ will conduct an appropriate review of the efficient policies and measures relevant to the academic sector and ultimately implement its vision to be a catalyst for supporting the academic development of students and promote their career horizons by drawing on excellence values, innovations, and creativity, he added.
Al Horr affirmed that the college is determined to offer all kinds of support that essentially boost students' capabilities in learning, innovation, and creativity to further meet their career and academic ambitions, in addition to supplying the local labour market with national qualified talents.
He noted the critical role CCQ is performing to offer educational opportunities based on local and international accreditation and quality standards, emphasizing that CCQ has drawn on quality standards during the past years in upgrading the academic programs that are based on applied education within self and external review of academic programs.
With the beginning of the current academic class, CCQ has received 8346 students from both genders (5546 males and 2800 females) among them 752 new students -whose enrolment applications in the academic class fall 2023 have been approved.
The acceptance rate reached 100 percent of the numbers of those who have completed the application procedures for studying in various disciplines offered for the current academic year. The students are distributed to over 20 educational programs within four major academic sectors, mainly sciences and technology, arts and literature, administrative sciences and corporate programs.
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