Commercial Bank, the most innovative digital bank in Qatar, has closed yet another chapter of its CB Young Bankers Program and celebrated the success of its first Young Investors Program. The celebration took place in Commercial Bank Plaza with the presence of parents, senior bank management, and over 30 interns who were awarded for completing their internship.
Believing that everything is possible, even for Qatar’s youngsters, Commercial Bank first introduced the CB Young Bankers program in 2014 and CB Young Investors Program this year. Both programs aim at educating the youth and strengthening their knowledge of the banking and financial sector.
The CB Young Bankers and Young Investors Programs have become deeply rooted in Commercial Bank’s vision, and a staple in its calendar. That said, the internship programs run during the months of July and August every year.
Commenting on this initiative, Commercial Bank’s EGM and Head of Retail Banking, Shahnawaz Rashid said: “In line with Qatar’s National Vision 2030, our CB Young Bankers and Young Investors Programs empower the youth with the skills they need to excel in the banking world. The programs are driven by our strategic plan and innovative approach in leading the financial markets in Qatar.”
The CB Young Bankers and Young Investors Programs have been, and will always be, a passageway into the future of banking where younger generations sharpen their knowledge, fulfill their dreams, and become leaders of the financial industry. Commercial Bank has proudly wrapped up both programs with many more successes to come.

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