Instagram announced new options for users to create Reels for up to ten minutes.
The social media platform indicated that it was conducting internal testing of these options, but that it was not currently providing them for users' experience outside the company.
The move comes from Instagram as part of the TikTok platform's competition, where it previously extended the maximum duration of the video to 10 minutes early this year.
The possibility of extending the duration of the video is expected to give content creators in Instagram greater flexibility when filming. Thus, allowing them to deliver more in-depth content without having to shoot several parts, the move is also aimed at improving the followers' experience by making it easier to watch content sequentially.
Instagram had previously announced that users would be allowed to upload short videos (Reels) so that users could share them via other apps, a feature that has been in TikTok for years.
In a related context, Instagram is testing a new feature that allows content creators to share their followers' comments in the stories they share. (QNA)
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