The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Wednesday marked the International Whale Shark Day. The celebration is part of its commitment to protect marine environment and its rich biodiversity. The whale shark is one of the endangered fish species.
The event took place as a major activity organised by the ministry at the Mall of Qatar. It included a documentary film screening about the whale shark, which is found in abundance in Qatari waters. It also featured an exhibition by Qatari artist Azzam al-Mannai, showcasing photographs he captured of the whale shark in the Qatari territorial waters at the northeastern part of the country.
Jassim Lari, Head of Marine Life Development Department, said that the ministry's participation in marking the day reflects its interest in engaging in international events related to the environment. This engagement is aimed at preserving and developing the environment sustainably.
He stressed that the whale shark is an endangered species and highlighted the ministry's dedication to protecting it from various threats to its existence. He added that the ministry aimed to involve the public, particularly the young people in this event as part of its extensive awareness campaign.
This campaign aims to raise awareness among the local community about various environmental issues. The goal of the event is to introduce people to the significance of the whale shark in maintaining global environmental balance. It also seeks to educate the audience about the challenges the whale shark faces throughout its life, which jeopardise its existence on Earth.
He further pointed out that events with public participation contribute to forming a collective understanding among the general public about the importance of conserving both land and marine ecosystems.
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