Leading real estate management and marketing company Waseef has announced that the first and second phases of its Madinat Al Mawater project have recorded high occupancy rates.
According to an official press statement, the showrooms for used cars have reached 100% of occupancy while the area with 20 shops also marked 100% occupancy.
The occupancy rate of apartments at the project stands at 85%.
“Waseef provides 144 showrooms for used cars with areas ranging from 400-1,000sq m with the occupancy rate of 100%, in addition to about 20 shops with occupancy rate of 100% and five maintenance workshops with a full occupancy rate,” the statement said. “These are in addition to 352 residential apartments consisting of studio, 1BHK (one bedroom, one hall, one kitchen) and 2BHK with an occupancy rate of 85%.”
These two phases also provide comprehensive service facilities such as restaurants and supermarkets.
The rental values available for the facilities of this vital and important project are among the competitive prices in the local market to meet the aspirations of the beneficiaries.
Mawater, developed by Barwa Real Estate Group, is the most competitive platform in the region for the sale, purchase and maintenance of used cars, and the main destination in Qatar for these activities.
This pioneering project, which is located in Rawdat Rashid, west of Salwa Street intersection, Exit 31, provides used car showrooms, residential and office units, workshops and retail stores, in addition to the necessary facilities that serve the city’s visitors as offices for traffic management, car insurance companies, and a fuel station.
These are in addition to an area that has been allocated for the technical inspection services for cars (Fahes) with a land area of about 26,000sq m.
The Waseef Company manages and provides leasing services for the first and second phases of Madinat Al Mawater.
Waseef said there are service facilities such as restaurants and supermarkets.
Mawater has a well-developed infrastructure that includes two sub-stations, internal roads, surveillance cameras, a fire-fighting system, drinking water and irrigation networks, and a sewage treatment plant.
Waseef provides Madinat Al Mawater with all services, which include security, safety, general cleanliness, and maintenance work for facilities and equipment.
Special services for exhibitions, shops and maintenance workshops that meet the requirements of investors and companies are also provided.
To highlight its importance and introduce the public and those interested in its services, Waseef is working to organise activities related to cars within the city, in co-operation with the competent authorities.
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