The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE) held Sunday an introductory meeting for new scholarship recipients for the academic year 2023/2024.
Director of the Scholarships Department Dr Hareb al-Jabri said that the recipients were introduced to the academic and administrative procedures and stressed the need to review them in advance.
He noted that local scholarship recipients were introduced to academic follow-up procedures, financial dues and changing major or university procedures, while abroad scholarship recipients were introduced to all the procedures when leaving Qatar and arriving at the other country, academic procedures, accommodation situation, bank account and any challenges they might face there.
Majors offered by MoEHE include medicine, education, computer science and engineering, which is the major that is most in demand, while the top chosen country to study in is the United Kingdom.
The deadline for applying for a scholarship is September 30, al-Jabri noted.
Ibrahim Mohamed al-Fadala, supervisor of student affairs at the cultural attache of Qatar's embassy in the UK, said that the most sought-after majors for Qatari students in the UK in recent years are cybersecurity and medicine.
The cultural attache provides support and supervision to the students during their educational journey from the first day to ensure the quality of their learning until their graduation.
Regional educational advising co-ordinator at the US embassy in Doha Melissa Deschamps also spoke at the introductory meeting, where she discussed the cultural, social and academic support offered for the scholarship recipients.
The Department of Scholarships, Qatar's cultural attaches and previous scholarship recipients advised the new students on the importance of well-representing Qatar while abroad, ways to overcome difficulties, and wished them all success.
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