The first meeting of the Central Municipal Council (CMC) in its 7th session, which will last for ten months, will be held on Monday.
The Council's oldest member will chair the first meeting, during which the Council's Chairman and Vice-Chairman will be elected from among the members for the entire session. The election will be conducted through secret ballot and with a majority of votes from the attending members.
The Council consists of representatives from 29 constituencies covering all areas of the country. It aims to work with the means available on the progress of the country in the field of municipal affairs, and has the powers to monitor the implementation of laws, resolutions and regulations relating to the powers and competences of the Ministry of Municipality and the Council, including the affairs of building regulation, land planning, roads, shops, industrial, public and other regulations.
In addition, the Council has the power to monitor implementation and research in the planning, programs, economic, social, financial and administrative areas for municipal and agricultural affairs.
The participation rate in the elections of the 7th Central Municipal Council reached 40.8% of the total number of eligible voters. The number of candidates running for membership was 102, including 4 women, after voting took place in 27 electoral constituencies. Two candidates were elected by acclamation in constituencies 27 and 28.
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