Indian Community Benevolent Forum (ICBF) held the Independence Day programme , "Bharat Azadi Ke Rang 2023," at the Ashoka Hall of Indian Cultural Centre recently.
Large number of people attended the event with the focus on the blue-collar employees, a segment that is often overlooked. Large number of people from like Raslaffan, Messaied, Dhukhan, Al Khor and Industrial Area participated in the programme.
Spanning three hours, the cultural extravaganza was a testament to the rich diversity of Indian heritage. The evening started with a vibrant array of songs and dances. The chief guest of the evening was Indian ambassador, Vipul and the ICBF coordinating officer and first secretary at Indian embassy, Dr Vaibhav Tandale, graced the occasion.
Ambassador Vipul addressed the audience, emphasising the unity prevailing among the Indian community in Qatar. He highlighted the diverse representation within the packed hall, reflecting the myriad cultures and regions of India. ICBF president Shanavas Bava shed light on the significance of celebrating Independence Day, emphasising the importance of providing blue-collar employees with an opportunity to partake in the festivities.
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