Microsoft announced that it had launched a new version of the backup application for Windows 10 users.
The new application appeared after Microsoft launched a recent update bearing the number 19045.3391 for testing for users of the beta version of Windows 10.
Users can access the new application through the start menu and then choose Windows Backup from the list of programs. In addition, the application allows users to copy files and folders to the user's account in the OneDrive cloud.
The application also allows remembering installed programs, installed program preferences, saving Windows settings, remembering Wi-Fi passwords and other passwords, and backing up all of this on the OneDrive account, noting that the application does not currently provide the option to restore files and settings, which enhances speculation that the application will be a tool to help move from Windows 10 to Windows 11.
Windows 10 is scheduled to reach the end of support within one year, and Microsoft has already made it clear that users should not expect updates that add new features or major changes. Despite that, the company continues to support Windows 10 with essential security fixes and small changes to improve the user experience, including assistance with upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11.
Microsoft announced the new application for the first time in May with one of the beta updates for Windows 11, which will be available when the official Windows update is launched soon.

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