The four-week Katara Summer Camp, which offers a rich programme and diverse activities, will conclude Tuesday. The camp which runs three days a week - Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday - caters to children aged 10 to 13 years.
The camp's management has been keen to prepare a comprehensive programme in collaboration with various entities, including the Ministry of Interior represented by the General Directorate of Civil Defence, the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, Qatar Red Crescent Society, Al Jazeera Media Institute, Nomas Center, and the Shooting Club.
The programme covers several areas, including educational, informative, and the development of mental and physical skills. It also focuses on fostering religious, social, and national values. This approach helps bridge educational practices with promoting Qatari identity, local customs, and traditions.
There are sports and recreational activities such as games, puzzles, and exercises that enhance cognitive and physical abilities, support for teamwork through group activities and building new friendships, besides cultivating the concepts of competition, winning and losing.
There are field trips to familiarise the participants with Katara's facilities, some of which relate to heritage, significantly contributing to reinforcing national identity, while others provide scientific knowledge to enhance their general understanding. These include the Maritime Museum, Al Thuraya Planetarium and Al Qannas Qatari Society. The camp organisers also stressed the importance of maintaining discipline and cooperation, among other values.
Abdulmajid Barakat, from Al Jazeera Media Institute, conducted a workshop on public speaking skills. The Civil Defence continued to provide awareness workshops on fire safety and accidents prevention.
The Nomas Center presented traditional Qatari performances, connecting the participants with their heritage, customs, and traditions.
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