The Russian authorities have evacuated more than 2,000 people from flooded areas in Primorye Krai, in the far east.
Russia's Ministry of Emergency Situations said, in a statement, that more than 2,000 people, including 405 children, have been evacuated in Primorye, adding that nearly 5,000 buildings had been flooded in the region.
The Russian authorities also established water crossings using boats to reach 28 flooded towns, while electricity is still completely or partially cut off from 13 towns and villages in the region due to damage to energy facilities as a result of the floods.
Rescuers had set up 13 temporary accommodation centers in the region, the ministry said, while hundreds of emergency workers are working to clear the effects of the floods.
Russia declared a state of emergency on Saturday in nine municipalities in the far east due to Typhoon Khanun, which hit Japan last week.
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