WhatsApp is currently working on a new feature aimed at enhancing security and privacy for its users. The specific details of the feature have yet to be revealed, but it is said to be focused on simplifying the account verification process.
Currently, WhatsApp requires users to go through a phone number verification process during the account setup. However, the new feature could streamline this process and make it easier for users to verify their accounts. WhatsApp already offers a two-step verification process where users can set up a PIN to add an extra layer of security to their accounts. Users can provide an email address as a backup for account recovery if they forget their PIN during this setup. However, this differs from using the email address as a login method, which is the new feature WhatsApp is reportedly working on.
This feature can also serve as an additional layer of security, as it allows users to have a more versatile way of accessing their accounts while keeping their primary phone number associated with their WhatsApp account secure. Furthermore, it could be useful for users who frequently switch devices or have multiple devices linked to their WhatsApp accounts.