Russia carried out several waves of attacks on Ukraine overnight, while Kyiv hit bridges in occupied territories yesterday.
The Ukrainian air force said yesterday that it shot down 30 out of the 40 cruise missiles and all Shahed drones launched by Russia.
“In total, the enemy used 70 air attack weapons in several waves” in the night from Saturday to yesterday.
It added that Russia launched three Kinzhal hypersonic missiles but did not say if they had been destroyed.
The Ukrainian armed forces did not specify which sites were hit by the missiles that got through air defences.
The Russian army however said it struck “Ukrainian armed forces airbases around the settlements of Starokostiantyniv in the Khmelnytskyi region and Dubno in the Rivne region”.
Home to a major airbase, the western Khmelnytskyi region, located hundreds of kilometres from the front lines of the fighting, has been repeatedly targeted during the war.
“Since yesterday evening, the Khmelnytskyi region has been attacked three times... most missiles were shot down,” said local official Sergiy Tyurin.
Several buildings and the bus station were damaged, he said on Telegram.
He also posted pictures of a crumbling building engulfed in flames, saying a corn waste warehouse had caught fire.
Meanwhile in the Rivne region that Russia said it hit, “only a few private households were damaged”, according to regional head Vitaliy Koval.
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