The Tunisian authorities announced the rescue of 150 illegal immigrants from drowning in the Mediterranean Sea.
The National Guard said, in a statement, that its units managed to rescue immigrants of Tunisian nationalities and sub-Saharan African countries, off Sfax and Mahdia in 3 different operations, and they were gathered in a naval station several kilometers away.
The Tunisian Minister of the Interior Kamal Al Feki had previously stated that 15,327 irregular migrants had been rescued in the first half of this year, 95 percent of them hold nationalities from sub-Saharan African countries.
It is worth noting that the Tunisian coasts have been witnessing for years a large influx of illegal African immigrants wishing to reach the European coasts, however, these attempts recorded the drowning of thousands of people, according to the statistics of the International Organization for Migration (IOM).
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