The Marine Protection Department at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change has spotted two violations committed by a group of fishermen at a coastal area in Al Khor city.
These violations were fishing nets being thrown onto the coral reefs and engaging in fishing activities without obtaining prior permission from the ministry.
Accordingly the department team issued violation reports for those and referred them to the concerned authorities to take the necessary procedures according to the law. Further, the team removed the fishing nets and ensured that there were no damages to the coral reefs at the violation site.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change urges all sea-goers to help in protecting the marine environment and its habitats, including coral reefs, which are considered natural treasures found along the shores of Qatar. These reefs are essential habitats for various fish and marine life, and disturbing can disrupt the ecological balance and harm their life.
The Ministry also stressed that all sea-goers must refrain from infringing upon living aquatic resources, including practicing fishing without permits during breeding and spawning seasons. It further stressed the importance of adhering to the laws of environment in Qatar, and advised everyone to be familiar with the instructions provided by the Ministry to protect the marine environment and avoid the involved legal consequences.
Besides, The Marine Protection Department pointed out that it carry out inspection patrols around the clock to safeguard all marine protected areas and coastal places across the country. These patrols play a crucial role in protecting the marine environment and its living organisms. Their primary target is not to impose fines on violators but to prevent such violations and raise awareness regarding the laws governing marine protection in Qatar.
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