Prof Raed Salah Abdelqader al-Gharabat, a distinguished scholar and professor of marketing at Qatar University's College of Business and Economics, has been honoured with the renowned Abdul Hameed Shoman Award for Arab Researchers.
The award, with a 40-year legacy, recognises Prof al-Gharabat's exceptional contributions to economics and administration sciences, particularly in the realm of digital marketing, in "The Impact of Digital Marketing in the Business Management World for the Year 2022." His research has not only garnered international acclaim but has also significantly impacted businesses worldwide by addressing real-world challenges and enhancing consumer experiences.
It significantly contributes to solving business institutions' problems, enabling them to grow, prosper, and improve their competitive advantage at the local and regional levels. Recently, Prof al-Ghurabat has been ranked among the top 2% of researchers worldwide, and his research has been cited over 3200 times on Google Scholar, demonstrating the soundness and quality of his scientific work.
The Abdul Hameed Shoman Arab Researchers' Award holds a profound reputation within Arab academic circles and stands out among scientific honours in the Arab world. The award, initiated in 1982 by the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation, the cultural and social responsibility arm of the Arab Bank, has been instrumental in fostering scientific research and practical solutions that benefit society. Acknowledged as the first Arab award to celebrate scientific research, it honours the remarkable contributions of Arab researchers, inspiring a generation of experts and specialists across various scientific fields.