Qatar’s summer season provides an opportunity for residents and visitors to visit the Panda Park and the Al Khor Family Park, and get up close to Thuraya and Suhail.
Offering a unique wildlife experience just 50km north of Doha, it is learnt that this extraordinary attraction promises a memorable journey, blending the awe-inspiring presence of these adorable pandas with captivating family entertainment.
Qatar Tourism’s page VisitQatar describes the Panda House as a masterpiece that features a vast custom-built enclosure sprawling more than 120,000 sqm, ranked among the largest panda habitats globally.
Besides its expansive indoor viewing decks, VisitQatar noted that the park also offers a plethora of remarkable features to explore. Visitors can roam around the garden pathway, relax in the outdoor booths, and immerse in the beauty of sculptural gardens and a serene bamboo forest trail.
People can also buy panda souvenirs from the gift shop, and dine in the café which offers a wide range of food and beverage choices. It also houses prayer rooms.
According to VisitQatar, people can find an array of advanced medical safety features within the habitat, ensuring the well-being of the pandas. The humidity levels and air-conditioning are meticulously controlled to create the perfect environment for these cherished creatures.
For their enjoyment and enrichment, the habitat boasts swimming ponds and multiple play platforms, providing ample opportunities for pandas to engage in their natural behaviours. A dedicated hospital stands ready to provide any necessary medical attention and care, ensuring the pandas' health and happiness are a top priority.
The Panda House features a connecting door that leads to the Al Khor Family Park and Zoo, offering a gateway to even more thrilling adventures and delightful encounters.
While it requires visitors to get separate tickets, Al Khor Park and Zoo offers a variety of attractions such as fascinating wildlife, mesmerizing waterfall, an intriguing museum, a skating area, a mini-golf course, a basketball court, a children's play area, and an amphitheater, among others. There are also food kiosks and ample parking space with up to 300 spots for visitors.
Al Khor Park and Zoo operates from 8am to 10pm, except on Tuesdays, when it exclusively welcomes women and children.
International guests will find it even easier to embark on a journey to meet Thuraya and Suhail, and explore Al Khor Park and Zoo as visitors from Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE can revel in visa-free access to this extraordinary destination.
VisitQatar noted that Thuraya and Suhail were born in China's picturesque Wolong Panda Reserve, located in the serene Sichuan Province. In a gesture of goodwill and friendship, they arrived in Qatar on October 18, 2022, presented as a special gift from China, commemorating the hosting of the historic FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.
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