The State of Qatar participated in the Emergency Meeting of the Arab League Council at the level of permanent representatives held on Tuesday at the headquarter of the General-Secretariat of the Arab League in Cairo to discuss ways to counter the persistent and escalating Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people in all cities, camps, and villages, including the wanton aggression against the Jenin camp and other areas in the West Bank.
HE Deputy the Permanent Representative of the State of Qatar to the Arab League Fahd Rashid Al Muraikhi headed Qatar's delegation to the meeting.
In his remark before the meeting that was held at the request of the State of Palestine, Palestinian Permanent Representative to the Arab League Ambassador Muhannad Al Aklouk said Palestinian people are currently facing all-out Israeli attacks in Jenin and all Palestinian towns and villages, urging Arab states to take practical steps to support the Palestinian people in countering this aggression, achieving justice and freedom for the Palestinian people and ending the occupation and apartheid in the occupied Palestinian territory.
He also stressed the importance of using political and diplomatic means by the Arab League and other Arab institutions to support Palestine and defend its rights in the international forums and take effective and robust measures to stop the Israeli aggression and counter the humanitarian violations in Palestine, pointing out that the constant and recurrent Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people is conspicuously occurring in front of the international community while the latter remains silent and biased in countering these abuses and aggression.
Al Aklouk called for taking prompt and resolute action to end the Israeli occupation and hold it accountable for its crimes and calling on the UN Secretary-General to implement the UN resolutions pertinent to the protection of the Palestinian people, applying effective mechanisms to achieve this protection, providing support and assistance to the Palestinian people through providing humanitarian and development aid, supporting reconstruction efforts, and bolstering the Palestinian capacities.
Palestine's Permanent Representative to the Arab League called for incorporating the Israeli entity and its army into the UN list of shame for killing children and for intentionally targeting the Palestinian children and carrying out arbitrary arrests and distorting consciousness. He pointed out that the occupation army killed nearly 2250 Palestinian children in the last two decades and prevented thousands of children from reaching their schools, in addition to targeting hundreds of schools and educational centers and arresting children in an alarming and systematic manner.
Ambassador Al Aklouk called for imposing economic and political sanctions on the Israeli entity such as freezing trade and military relations with it and abrogating agreements that promote its occupation of Palestinian territories, noting that Israeli entity seeks to spread an apartheid regime and settlements outposts and keeps implementing its policies according to the vision of its current far-right government led by figures who are hostile to Islam.
He added that this government operates with systematic hostile policies and commits murders, repression, and persecution against the Palestinian people, calling for strengthening the efforts to achieve the Palestinian national reconciliation, unifying the Palestinian rank to counter the Israeli occupation, and achieving freedom and justice for the Palestinian people.
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