MetaMosque, the inclusive virtual application, is all set to enable individuals with disabilities and economic challenges to experience mosques around the world. As an Eid al-Adha gift, the much-awaited application will be launched today. It will be available on iOS, Android and PC while offering a fully immersive experience on VR for Meta Quest.
“MetaMosque invites everyone, regardless of their circumstances, to explore the renowned Al Haram and Al Aqsa mosques. In the spirit of inclusivity, the initial version of MetaMosque is now available free of charge with plans for a full version in the future,” a statement from MetaMosque said.
MetaMosque is a pioneering company in the field of virtual reality applications, driven by a commitment to inclusivity and bridging accessibility gaps.
With MetaMosque, the company strives to provide individuals with disabilities and those with limited resources the opportunity to experience the spiritual magnificence of mosques worldwide.
MetaMosque creates accessible spiritual journeys and breaks down barriers and provides equal opportunities for individuals who face challenges in physically accessing mosques.
Also, it allows people with disabilities and those with limited resources to embark on a virtual spiritual journey, experiencing the serenity and grandeur of Al Haram in Makkah and Al Aqsa in Jerusalem. MetaMosque aims to foster a sense of belonging and connection with sacred spaces for everyone, regardless of their circumstances.
Immersive virtual reality experience is one of MetaMosque’s unique offerings. It offers a fully immersive virtual reality experience on Meta Quest, providing a deeply engaging and transformative encounter with the mosques. Users can step into a virtual world, explore the prayer halls and appreciate the intricate architectural details as if they are physically present. The immersive experience, complete with realistic visuals and spatial audio, aims to create a meaningful connection and a profound sense of spirituality.
Also, the application allows access across multiple platforms including iOS, Android, and PC while ensuring broad availability for users with different devices.
Whether users have a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer, MetaMosque offers a seamless and captivating experience. The cross-platform compatibility is designed to accommodate diverse users and enable them to explore mosques with ease and convenience.
MetaMosque builds a stronger and more inclusive community by providing individuals with disabilities and those facing economic challenges access to sacred spaces.
"We aim to bridge gaps, foster understanding, and promote social inclusivity," the statement said.
The company encourages users to share their experiences and actively engage in discussions to further enrich the MetaMosque community.
The initial version of MetaMosque is now available free of charge on iOS, Android, PC, and VR platforms including Meta Quest. This allows users to explore Al Haram and Al Aqsa mosques without any cost. "We plan to release a full version of MetaMosque in the future, offering additional features and content for an enhanced experience. Details regarding the full version, including pricing and availability will be announced soon," the statement added.
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