As part of its commitment to provide an inclusive travel experience for people with disabilities, Qatar Railways company (Qatar Rail), in collaboration with Al-Noor Centre for the Blind, launched the 'Al-Noor Centre Guide for Doha Metro' during the 32nd edition of the Doha International Book Fair.
The guide utilises the Braille system to offer an overview of the Doha Metro, aids in navigating the network, and explains the utilisation of various services to ensure a seamless travel experience.
In a press statement, Khalifa Hassan al-Jehani, chief of Corporate Support at Qatar Rail, said: “This guide, which is the first of its kind, represents an important step in our strategy to enhance accessibility for visually impaired individuals to the facilities and services of Doha Metro. Qatar Rail is dedicated to providing convenience and comfort to all travellers and hopes that this guide will enhance the travel experiences of the visually impaired throughout the Metro network.”
Mishaal Abdullah al-Nuaimi, executive director of Al-Noor Centre for the Blind, said: “The guide is a valuable tool and reference, enabling the visually impaired community to navigate the Metro network with confidence, ease, and safety. We appreciate the efforts made by our partners at Qatar Rail in realising this milestone, and we thank them for their continuous support in enhancing the accessibility of various public transportation facilities for people with visual impairments.”
During the construction phase of the Doha Metro project, Qatar Rail aimed to incorporate practices that catered to the needs of people with disabilities. The project adhered to the strict and precise standards of the ‘Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)’, ensuring that all construction companies followed these guidelines.
Qatar Rail implemented designs in the Doha Metro stations that prioritise the highest levels of security and safety for passengers with disabilities. The Metro network includes various features to facilitate movement for people with disabilities, including the blind, both inside the stations and onboard the trains.
Tactile walkways at Doha Metro stations assist passengers with vision impairments in finding their way, combining directional guidance with the detection of potential risk zones. Additionally, audio announcements within the stations and on board the trains guide visually impaired passengers during their journeys. A voice service is also available on the Travel Card Vending Machines (TVMs) to assist the blind.
Qatar Rail ensures the presence of skilled and knowledgeable staff members at both the stations and aboard the trains who are equipped to deliver service and assistance whenever necessary or requested.
Customers who have visual impairments are encouraged to make advance arrangements for assistance, either by directly contacting station employees or by reaching out to Qatar Rail's dedicated Customer Service Centre at 105. This proactive approach aims to provide tailored support and cater to the specific needs of individuals with vision impairments, ensuring a smooth and inclusive travel experience throughout the Doha Metro network.
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