Beefbar, the globally acclaimed culinary destination, is introducing its first-ever Beefbar Asia location in Doha.
Located in Lusail City's South Marina Yacht Club, Beefbar Asia offers a contemporary and flavourful take on popular Korean barbecues, combined with Beefbar's signature quality and expertise in Asian cuisine from Thailand, Japan to China and Malaysia.
Beefbar Asia presents a unique culinary adventure, nestled within the same building as the largest Beefbar ever. Guests are invited to embark on the inaugural journey of Beefbar Asia, where Riccardo Giraudi, the visionary restaurateur and exclusive importer of the finest meats, introduces an exquisite fusion of Asian flavours with the beloved Beefbar concept, a press statement noted.
Drawing inspiration from the famous Korean 'Yakiniku' barbecues, Beefbar Asia allows guests to select from a range of prime cuts, including Australian Black Angus or Wagyu, renowned Japanese beef. These carefully chosen cuts are then cooked on sizzling-hot barbecues placed right in front of the guests, creating an interactive and engaging dining experience.
In addition, Beefbar Asia presents two private rooms, where guests can indulge in an exclusive dining experience with their own private chef. These private rooms offer an intimate setting where guests can relax and enjoy personalised culinary creations prepared by a skilled chef dedicated to their table.
Collaborating with renowned designers Humbert & Poyet, Beefbar Asia boasts an awe-inspiring interior that harmoniously blends materials, textures and intricate details. Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet's meticulous craftsmanship has resulted in a stunning combination of brass, dark wood, dark red marble, and green tiles, adorned with sumptuous patterns, providing an elegant and luxurious atmosphere.
Described as cool, elegant and unique, by its executive chef, the menu at Beefbar Asia showcases an exceptional fusion of Asian flavours meticulously crafted by our talented chefs. Guests can expect an extraordinary dining experience that combines the distinct Beefbar style with the vibrant and diverse culinary traditions of Asia, the statement added.
"We are thrilled to introduce Beefbar Asia to Qatar, where our guests can savour the flavours of Asia infused with our distinct Beefbar style," said Giraudi, affectionately known as the Beefboy. "With a passion for hospitality and a dedication to reimagining restaurant concepts, we are excited to offer a unique dining experience that showcases our commitment to excellence, culinary innovation, and the addition of private rooms with personal chefs."
With a portfolio of over 30 thoughtfully crafted concepts worldwide, including Michelin-starred establishments, Giraudi's vision has redefined the gastronomic landscape. From Monaco to America, Europe to Asia, his restaurants embody a seamless blend of comfort, luxury and a laid-back ambiance, ensuring an extraordinary dining experience.
Founded in 2005, Beefbar has evolved into a culinary destination that transcends beyond exceptional food. Each Beefbar location offers an immersive lifestyle experience, combining a relaxed atmosphere, stunning architecture, curated design, bespoke tableware, customised music and now, the addition of private rooms with personal chefs.
For more information about Beefbar Asia Doha and to stay updated on the launch date, visit the website at
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