The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) has published the results of the Consumer Satisfaction Survey 2022.
The survey presented detailed findings of satisfaction among consumers in Qatar with their telecom service providers, Ooredoo Qatar and Vodafone Qatar. The survey covered all aspects of telecom services, including network coverage, service value, rate plans and tariffs, billing and payment, customer service and complaint resolution.
The survey was conducted among more than 2,500 individuals from different segments of Qatar’s population. It used a Computer-Assisted Personal Interviews (CAPI) method, whereby respondents were asked to go through a questionnaire, available in both Arabic and English. The average survey duration was 30 minutes.
The findings indicate that overall consumer satisfaction with telecom services in Qatar is relatively high with 79% of respondents expressing satisfaction. Voice services, both mobile and fixed, received the highest levels of customer satisfaction at 82% and 83%, respectively.
In terms of Internet services, fixed Internet had a satisfaction rate of 78%, while mobile Internet had a rate of 74%. The most important telecom services, as ranked by consumers in descending order, were mobile voice, mobile Internet, fixed Internet and fixed voice.
Amel Salem al-Hanawi, director of Consumer Affairs Department at CRA, said: “We are pleased with the high overall satisfaction scores for telecom services in Qatar. The survey aligns with CRA’s role in regulating the telecom sector, keenness to balance between the obligations of service providers and the rights of consumers, in addition to ensuring that the competition benefits consumers by accessing advanced and high-level telecom services.
“This survey is one of the main instruments that CRA adopts to assess, in a transparent manner, the quality and efficiency of services provided to consumers. CRA utilises such surveys to ensure the improvement of services provided to consumers in Qatar.”
The study involved qualitative and quantitative research, including focus group discussions and a national survey, to assess consumer satisfaction with telecom services in the country. Secondary research was also conducted to benchmark the performance of telecom services and service providers at a regional and international level.
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