Qatar University's (QU) Centre for Arabic Language for Non-Native Speakers organised its annual graduation ceremony for the students who had dedicated an entire year for the course.
There were a total of 180 graduates, including 79 with the support of the Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) within the Qatar Grants programme, which aims to expand access to higher education for international students from developing countries.
In his speech, the Centre for Arabic Language for Non-Native Speakers director Dr Abdullah Abdulrahman said: "The Centre for Arabic Language for Non-Native Speakers is a true cultural gathering, a platform for international co-operation, and a means to promote the Arabic language in a space characterised by openness, tolerance, and respect for others."
He mentioned that, as a result of the centre's good reputation, various cultural partnership agreements have been signed with different organisations and universities, in addition to about 30 agreements signed over the past five years. Among these agreements is the co-operation agreement between QU and the QFFD, through which the fund provides 300 scholarships for students from developing countries.
He also pointed out to an agreement with the Turkish Foundation, under which the centre annually receives 30 students from this institution to prepare them for studying in various university faculties.
Regarding the local aspect and community service, Dr Abdullah pointed out in his speech that the centre, in collaboration with the Continuing Education Administration, has organised numerous intensive courses that have benefited various sectors in the country, including local banks, media channels, health and educational institutions.
He stated that the College of Arts, Sciences and Business Administration at the university provides full support to the Arabic Language Centre for Non-Native Speakers, which has transformed from a programme into a multi-programme centre. Within a clear five-year plan, the centre will begin expanding due to a significant increase in the number of applicants. It is expected that the centre will admit 250 students through the morning programme in the coming year, and this number will increase by 20% over the next five years.
Director of Strategic Partnerships at the QFFD, Rwodah al-Nuaimi said: "The programme was established to enhance our strategic vision for quality education and human development, as we strive to provide educational opportunities for students from developing countries, especially those seeking to learn the Arabic language and explore its rich culture."
At the end of the ceremony which was witnessed by several officials and deans of faculties at QU, certificates were handed to the graduates.