The Philippine Human Resources (HR) Practitioners - Qatar (PHRP-Q), the first Filipino HR society in the country, hosted its first general assembly recently with a 100-strong gathering.
The dignitaries included Philippine ambassador Lilibeth Pono , other embassy officials, Philippine Professional Organisation in Qatar chairman, architect Marvin Tejada, who was honoured as the adviser of PHRP-Q and awarded honorary membership for his invaluable guidance.
The occasion also served as an opportunity to introduce the Board of Directors, composed of Allyn Lylle Amo, Amie Andrada, Dorily Macaraeg, Efren Soliman, Atty Joseph Tolentino, Maria Sharon Tamaray and Richard Valdez. PHRP-Q’s BOD Richard Valdez introduced the officers.
Donavan Cabantac, chair of the CPD Committee, unveiled a comprehensive lineup of L&D programmes for the remainder of 2023, which include updates from the Migrant Workers Office (MWO).
Vice Consul Monica Calangian provided an overview of the MWO's latest progress. The events committee is dedicated to fostering member engagement across various domains, including mental and professional development, as well as community outreach, social initiatives, physical activities and environmental campaigns.
PHRP-Q welcomes Filipino HR practitioners from various companies and job positions to become members.
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