Danat Qatar Real Estate has launched an International new menu for Six Jewels Restaurant located in the heart of each Alfardan Gardens compound, a statement said.
The revamped menu is designed to enhance the tenants’ experience with a carefully crafted selection of dishes that represent a culinary journey around the globe and cater to all taste preferences and age groups.
The newly curated menu features a wide variety of international cuisines. Ranging from Arabic specialties to innovative Italian Pasta, and from rich Indian curries filled with warming spices to a hearty American burger, the menu is a vibrant mosaic of flavours, textures and aromas that offer a true gastronomic adventure.
"Danat Qatar relentless pursuit of excellence has driven the company to collaborate with new culinary experts with years of experience in the domain, to bring a wealth of knowledge and creativity to the kitchen and work closely with the chefs to craft a menu that is both diverse and innovative," it was complained.
The launch event in Alfardan Gardens 9 saw residents join the celebration and sample an array of dishes from the new menu delights amidst the lively tunes of a DJ, mixed with soulful melodies of a saxophonist. Danat Qatar Real Estate general manager engineer Esmat Shalaby, who took the stage to express his appreciation for the team’s hard work to create the menu, was joined by the new restaurants operating partners for the ceremonial cake cutting marking the official start of a new chapter for Six Jewels Restaurant.
"We believe that food is more than sustenance, it is about fostering a vibrant community spirit through shared dining experiences, and we are proud to serve our community into creating an inclusive atmosphere where our tenants can connect, indulge and forge lasting memories," Shalaby said.
Six Jewels Restaurant is exclusively open for Alfardan Gardens compounds’ tenants for take away orders or to dine-in daily from 12noon to 10 pm, the statement added.