The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has announced the completion of road and infrastructure development works on some streets in the Al Sailiya area.
Integrated infrastructure has been developed and provided on two main streets in the area, namely Hayr Umm Al Bendeq Street that links Al Sailiya Road with Salwa Road, and South Sailiya Road running perpendicular to Hayr Umm Al Bendeq Street.
In this context, Fahad Mohamed al-Otaibi, head of the West Areas Section in Ashghal's Roads Projects Department, said the road and infrastructure development project on some streets in Al Sailiya is part of an integrated development plan of the Public Works Authority to provide advanced and efficient facilities across the country.
He explained that the provision of a network of internal roads and infrastructure networks would meet the needs of population expansion in the area and bring many benefits to the population in terms of enhancing traffic flow and reducing congestion, in addition to facilitating movement to and from Sailiya and enhancing the quality of infrastructure services.
Al-Otaibi also stressed the importance of the works carried out within the project due to the strategic location of Hayr Umm Al Bendeq Street and South Sailiya Road, which directly serve many residential and educational buildings, in addition to serving and facilitating access to Al Sailiya Sports Club and a number of commercial facilities, such as Al Sailiya Central Market.
The project included the development of an integrated network of internal roads with a total length of 5.6km, the construction of three signal-controlled intersections, the conversion of a roundabout into a signal-controlled intersection, with the provision of traffic safety elements such as road signs and road marking.
This is in addition to the provision of advanced lighting systems, where 268 street lighting poles were installed.
The scope of works also included the provision of pedestrian lanes with a length of 11km, the installation of interlocks on a total area of 169,370sqm, and the implementation of beautification works and green spaces covering an area of about 30,568sqm, in addition to planting 665 trees to provide green spaces and improve the quality of life in residential areas.
The infrastructure development works included the construction of a total of 5.8km of sewage network lines, 11.3km of surface, groundwater and rainwater drainage network lines, and 22.4km of treated sewage network lines designated for irrigation in Al Hamm Street, Al Sailiya Road and Umm Al Mawagea Street in the part directly connected to Al Hamm Street.
The works also included the implementation of sewage connections for houses and residential plots in the Al Sailiya area and linking them to the main sewage network.
The roads and infrastructure development project for some streets in the Al Sailiya area is implementing the authority’s strategy to encourage the use of local products, as the percentage of reliance on local components reached 75% of the total materials and components used in the project.
These include drainage and water pipes, lighting poles and lamps, traffic light poles and other items that were previously imported.
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