CEO of TikTok Shou Zi Chew affirmed his platform's full commitment to investing in data preservation especially since the future of social networking sites will be a combination of laws and transparency, with the help of artificial intelligence.
In a discussion session within the activities of the Qatar Economic Forum, Chew referred to the development taking place in the field of artificial intelligence considering it very important and that it would improve the level of our daily lives as well as help in self-expression in better way.
He pointed to the risks and caveats that must be taken into account in order to understand the reality of modern technology and the services it will provide to everyone in the future that enhance opportunities to benefit from them, provided that it is legalized and subjected to strict mechanisms and standards.
Regarding the globalization of social media, the TikTok CEO said saturation with ideas and skills available through these platforms contributes to cosmic interdependence, and this has been accompanied by an increase, during the recent period, in the rates of dialogues related to data and information security. He stressed interest in preserving user data especially since TikTok has a Texas project to store Americans' data, in addition to another similar project in Norway, which will be a headquarters for Europeans' data.
He also revealed that his platform was in the process of studying the development of a language model taking advantage of the evolvement of artificial intelligence, and that digital products can improve the quality of our daily lives better than it was in the past.
In terms of risks, Chew said that are many caveats that must be taken into account and must be understood by all in order to know the reality of the various services provided by technology, adding the formulation of laws regulating the nature of their work contributes to achieving this especially since painstaking efforts have been made over 10 years to develop artificial intelligence algorithms. (QNA)
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