Students of MES Indian School bagged several prizes in the fire safety and preventive measures quiz contest conducted as part of a fire prevention webinar held recently by the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) and the General Directorate of Civil Defence. The winners are Mahit (6-A), Aadhil (9-A), Amal Rashid (7- K), Ain Vaibhav
(5-H), Maheen Malik (5-N), Tahania Mohamed (12-I), Mokshgna Hariharan (7-K), Rayan Moideen Kutty (9-J), Danell (7-B), Sidra Nazeemah (8-R), Krishnenthu Venugopalan (11-I) and Abhinav Nair (7-D).
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