The second edition of Middle East (Mena) Insurtech Summit will get underway here from May 20-22, featuring 90 expert international and regional speakers from across the spectrum of the insurance, technology and financial industries.
The summit, organised by the Mena Insurtech Association, will discuss threadbare topics such as the current insurtech landscape in the Mena region, ESG (environment, social and governance), fintech, VC (venture capital) investment strategies, digital health and blockchain.
“QIC Group leveraged its strong regional and international influence to establish the Mena Insurtech Association, a critical and transformative initiative for the region. Our esteemed partners and we convene once more, dedicating three enriching days to dialogue, inspiration, and a renewed pledge to our shared mission of shaping the digital insurance landscape in the region.” said Salem al-Mannai, Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of QIC Group and Chairman of the Mena Insurtech Association.
Highlighting that the magnitude of this year's summit has seen a remarkable tenfold escalation, signifying a transformative leap in the organisation's ability to inspire, collaborate, and lead on a much grander scale; he said "this exponential growth not only underscores our commitment to continuous innovation and advancement, but also serves as a testament to our unyielding pursuit of excellence and ambition.”
The latest edition would see speakers as Caribou Honig, Chairman of Insurtech Connect; Lana Khalaf, Microsoft Country Manager; Jonathan Rawling, CEO of Yalla Compare; Delfin Rueda Arroyo, CEO and General Partner of Mundi Venture; Noureddine Tayebi, Founder CEO of Yassir Mobility; Drew Aldrich, Managing Partner of Viewpoint Ventures; Karn Saroya, CEO of RE and Rabih I. Khoury, Managing Partner and CEO of Middle East Venture Partners.
The Mena Insurtech Summit 2023 is powered by QIC Group and its ecosystem partners Deloitte and FLAT6LABS in partnership with Qatar Research, Development and Innovation Council, Qatar Financial Centre, Msheireb, Qatar Development Bank, Epicure, OQIC, Antares – QIC Subsidiaries and QLM, CNBC, Microsoft, Msheireb, Insurtech Gateway, Insurtech Asia, India Insurtech Association, Insurtech Lab, Scventure, McKinsey and Company, Luimo, Kojo, Insurtech Connect, Insurtech Insight and FS Brew.
In February this year, the association launched the “MENA Insurtech Startup Competition”, a regional initiative that seeks to provide a platform for the most innovative ideas and technologies, while promoting entrepreneurship in the Mena region.
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