Doha International Family Institute (DIFI), a Qatar Foundation partner, has emphasised Qatar's role in strengthening the cohesion of the Arab family through its research, policies, communications, and advocacy at the national, regional, and international levels.
In a speech on the occasion of the International Day of Families, DIFI Executive Director Dr Sharifa Noaman al-Emadi expressed her gratitude for Qatar's commitment to partnership in formulating policies and developing projects and research initiatives aimed at strengthening family ties.
Dr al-Emadi said DIFI works on collaborations with its partners towards family empowerment, based on the significant role family cohesion plays in the well-being of the individual and the stability of society.
Dr al-Emadi highlighted some of DIFI's recent achievements nationally. Examples of these include the launching of the "Tanshia" programme in co-operation with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, developing population policies, drafting laws on the protection against domestic violence in co-operation with the Ministry of Justice, allocating a separate building for the Family Court, contributing to the development of the Qatar National Youth Policy in co-operation with the Ministry of Sports and Youth, and launching the behavioural deviations countering project in co-operation with the Ministry of Endowments (Awqaf) and Islamic Affairs.
DIFI focuses on several priority topics, including family cohesion, family protection and well-being, parenting and child well-being, in addition to other family issues, which strengthen Qatar Foundation's community-building efforts based on forming close-knit families in Qatar and the region.
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