The Ministry of Social Development and Family (MSDF), in co-operation with the Centre for Empowerment and Care of the Elderly (Ehsan), held the “From the Homeland” exhibition for elderly female affiliates in Sikkat Al-Wadi Msheireb.
The aims was to provide a platform for the productive projects and encourage productive groups in centres under the umbrella of the Ministry.
Fatima Muhammad al-Nuaimi, acting director of the Family Empowerment Department at the Ministry, stated: “We are proud to support the elderly members of Ehsan Centre. We give this group the utmost attention as they are the basis of society.”
Jaber Muhammad al-Marri, director of the Communication and Media Office at Ehsan Centre, stressed the importance of involving the elderly in activities that consolidate their effective role in society, while emphasising their ability to continue contributing.
Faiza Muhammad al-Nuaimi, writer and owner of the Gulf Centre project stated that her participation is an opportunity to interact with the public while displaying her books.
Zabya Saif al-Mahanadi, owner of the "Daraati Ghair" project, explained that her participation in the exhibition allows her to present her products to the public.
The Productive Projects Initiative “From the Homeland” contributes to the empowerment of Qatari families and to the creation of a diversified economy that establishes a culture of productivity and develop the skills of the families.
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